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May 24, 2011


Small things matter when you sell your home. If you have pictures and decorations pinned on the wall, there are holes to be filled. For you who can not be much, but a potential buyer, can be considered a little more work to do. Give the house a new paint job. A clean, fresh look is always good for a house on the market. Neutrals always work the best. Please note, not too small minor repairs. A potential buyer see everything.

John, Good info. Few people seem to understand that an odor, even a minor one, can kill an otherwise likely prospective sale. Nothing kills a positive curb appeal faster than an odor as you open the front door.

I received this comment from one of my blog readers. I do not know this company, but have seen some of their products on television. If you have an odor problem in your home, you may wish to give their products a try.


Great blog today Smell your house or sell your house.
We have some really unique air freshener products that relate to your blog.

For homeowners who are repainting (before or after the sell) Paint
Pourri is a scented paint additive that when added to paint provides a
nice, fresh scent in the painted room for 6-12 months. Great for smoke odors,
musty basements, pet odors, etc.

For homeowners who want a quick and easy way to freshen every room in
their homes instantly with lasting fragrance for days, Filter Breeze Entire Home
Air Freshening Spray can be applied to the AC / Furnace Filter. A few sprays
fill the entire home with a nice, fresh fragrance and the homeowner can apply
as much or as little as needed.

We have been featured on HGTV, recognized nationally with several
awards and our products can be found in retailers across the country.

Just wanted to drop you a note about our products as it related to your

Have a nice day.

T. Kevin Vick


Scentco, LLC

(877) 723 6826

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