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September 23, 2010


100 gallon barrel and a piece of dirty drain pipe, at best. These systems are polluting the ground water and spreading disease. We need to clean up.

Legislation in the UK is equally as frustrating.

I agree that septic tanks need to be inspected. The answer to any 'conflict of interest' would be a disclaimer on the inspection report that the company doing the inspection cannot be the one to do any repairs (it would not be an estimate of cost, just an ispection with their recommendations for repairs).

Personally I have very little faith in anything that Tallahassee does. I once went up there because as a teacher they had promised us a yearly bonus for three years if we did a list of things, which I did with flying colors. As soon as I was approved the legislature decided not to fund it anymore and just give us a $300 good will token payment. When I saw how things worked up there, I never went back. It is utterly ridiculous. As you say, they have bills that include everything from dogwalking to sewage treatment in them??? And all done at the very last minute! As I said, I no longer trust them to do what is best for us. They are likely even worse than the ones in Washington, DC.

Just wait when they get started inspecting there has already been talk of requiring completely new pressure systems which would literally cost extra thousands. Nobody seems to be able to write legislation to fix the problems and leave the others alone. I am looking for an application for being an will be another government job security opportunity based on another "tax".

This law is needed to weed out all the completely illegal septic systems now being used. In rural areas many people have a 55 gallon barrel and a peice of french drain pipe, at best. These systems are polluting the ground water and spreading disease. We need to clean up Florida and not be a 3rd world slum.

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